"mom" look

i'm 37 weeks today! i started having weekly appointments as of last week. everything is going great. my blood pressure and weight, fetal movement, etc. has been on track since the beginning. i'm so very grateful. i did lose 3 pounds this week, which my dr. says is normal towards the end. i'm okay with that, especially since my tummy seriously looks like a basketball and our big boy isn't lacking any fat. i'm having lots of braxton-hicks contractions and getting tired more easily these days. trying to sleep takes a little longer than it used to...sometimes i think amos has broken my ribs with his donkey kicks! his favorite time to go crazy is my bedtime. i'm thinking he'll be a squiggly little boy. he always knows when his dad is around. michael gets a reaction every time he touches my tummy. so sweet to see that connection already. we can't believe he'll be in our arms soon.

i've been eying these things i imagine myself wearing post-baby. although it may be a little bit, i really can't wait to wear normal clothes again. and i thought i should start wearing eye shadow so i don't look 12 years old anymore. and maybe even a non-sheer lip gloss or lipstick. ready to take amos out on the town!


lauren said...

mmhmmm :) loving this mommy look!

leslie.conner said...

That'll make a nice outfit :) Do you think Amos is going to come a little earlier than March 3!?

Maryclayre said...

I live in that exact nursing tank top! I also have a plain black one...they are a must have!