we tried my modified version of this asparagus potato pizza last night. i used a different dough, chevre instead of cream cheese, regular mozzarella, and i didn't have green onions. it was delightful, however, i think i'll try sticking to the recipe next time and getting all of the ingredients!

instead of the dough recipe recommended, i used pioneer woman's easy recipe and now i have the other half of it to use for another pizza. i'm all about preparing things ahead these days and pulling them out of the freezer since i've got a baby attached to me now. he loves snuggling in the moby while i get things done around the house.

speaking of...i just learned on the moby website that it's "national no housework day"! guess i celebrated, apart from my little load of baby laundry.

happy national no housework day, national beer day, coffee cake day, and billy holiday's birthday day!


Katie Shaw said...

Great post, yah-yah. My mouth watered a little when I saw that pizza! Miss you and love you bunches!

The Kelley Family said...

That pizza looks ahhhhhhh-mazing! Mmmm now I could go for some pizza! I think I'll be using that recipe next week, or maybe this weekend! I think your first several months as a Mommy, that there are several "National No Housework Days" :D

I always have to remember that when Kinsley reflects on her childhood, she's not going to remember that the house was a mess, Mommy didn't shower that day, or that the laundry pile was taller than her.. she'll only remember the fun times and the love and attention she receieved!

leslie.conner said...

Mmmm I made pizza earlier this week... didn't look as delicious as that (mine was plain ole cheese). I need to call to to get together! Expect a phone call soon...