favorites of the week = SO easy

shrimp tacos with mexican rice
saute bell pepper and onion, then add shrimp. add this sauce and serve in warm corn tortillas with cheese. microwave rice in the bag, or make your own if you have more time!

slow-cooker chicken curry
i used chicken breast tenders instead of thighs, whatever salsa was in the fridge, and greek yogurt instead of sour cream. i'm sure my indian friends would scoff at this recipe, but it was so easy and seriously amazing. and i'm okay with that.


leslie.conner said...

just out of curiosity, are these your photos or are they pulled from the net? If they're yours, you should be a pro food photographer, lol

erin elizabeth king said...

haha. leslie, the top one is mine but the bottom one is from the site i linked below it! i am far from a pro photographer, nor do we have a good camera. thanks though! : )