perspectives part II

our birth story according to my mom...

hi baby amos and welcome to this world!

your daddy called me at 5:45 in the morning on saturday, march 5. i was already packed so i took a shower and got on the road to come meet you! your uncle john was already in oklahoma with your parents. he was very excited about your arrival.

i arrived at mercy hospital about 11:00. your mommy was laboring pretty hard. we all worked with your mom to relieve the pain of labor. at about 6:00pm, she was dilated to 7 cm where she stayed for quite a while.

at about 10pm, your mom asked for an epidural. she had labored for 14 hours without pain relief and was very tired. the epidural worked wonders and she was able to rest and refresh. your mom got to about 8 cm and decided to have an amniotomy. the nurses "attempted" to attach a scalp monitor. she didn't dilate very much more after her water broke, so they tried a breast pump which can cause contractions to increase. that got her to about 9 cm. they started giving her pitocin which increases contractions. she was finally dilated to 10 but you just weren't going to be able to come out on your own. you were face-up and too big for your little momma. dr. shanbour had been letting your mom try for as long as possible, but finally at about 6am sunday they got ready for a c-section. they whisked your mommy and daddy to the OR and you came into this world at 6:45am on sunday, march 6. they wheeled you and your mom to her room and we got to see you both for just a minute. what a precious baby! we were all so excited to see you. that's when i was so happy--my baby, erin, was doing okay and her baby, you, were absolutely perfect.

i got to stay with you until you were 10 days old and i loved every minute of it--well maybe not when you pooped all over my pants leg : )

love you so much,
grandma shaw

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