what i love about amos

the scrunchy sleepy face he makes after eating
his little dinosaur grunting noises
the fact that he gets "toe jam" AND "finger jam" even though we do bathe the boy regularly
how he loves raffi's "baby beluga"
every single one of his rolls
when he "hugs" me
his old man hair (he's still pretty bald on top!)
his strength
his sweet spirit

just to name a few. thanks for indulging me...i'm one of those moms.

photo by katelyn swanson (amos at 3 weeks)
p.s. he'll be 8 weeks on sunday! wow.


Katie Shaw said...

This was so sweet I nearly cried. But I think that's just part of my genetic make up. Love you and your sweet spirit, yah-yah.

Loren said...

All good moms are "those moms." Reading your posts brings me back to the best days of my life. So happy for you.

leslie.conner said...

Love that photo :) such a sweet boy!

Gina said...

It's good to be one of "those" moms! Love all your loves about Amos. I have many friends with boys who say they get toe and finger jam like crazy!