happy cinco de mayo

Today is also "Dr. Robert A. Bradley Day"!

"Dr. Bradley helped bring 22,000 healthy babies into the world. After his retirement in 1985, the Governor of Colorado named May 5th of that year "Dr. Robert A. Bradley Day" and the American Biographical Institute named him "Man of the Decade".

Dr. Robert A. Bradley, distinguished obstetrician, celebrated author, lecturer, loving husband, father, brother, and grandfather, died Friday December 25th, 1998 in Pensacola, Florida at the age of 81."

i didn't realize it was cinco de mayo until now, but my meal planned for tonight is fitting:
beef tacos with sauteed onions and peppers, and a corn & blackbean salad

hope you enjoy your celebration...whatever it is!

p.s. don't those margarita cupcakes look good??

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