my faves for baby buns

i don't have a whole lot of experience yet, but i thought i'd update you on my cloth diaper favorites for now! hopefully this will help some of you mommas who are interested in getting started.

we started with the infant size bummis organic cotton diaper kit. however, the infant size only fits up to 15 pounds. our roly-poly is pushin' that at 8 weeks and grew out of the diaper covers. i should have registered for the baby size had i known he would be so big, so fast! the prefolds still fit and we LOVE them. they are super absorbent and we've only had one leak since using them (as opposed to several a day with disposables).

when we realized he just wouldn't fit into the bummis covers any longer, i ran down to our local cloth diaper store, green bambino. we are so blessed to have this in our area! the staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and so helpful. someone had given us a hand-me-down flip diaper cover, so i was in search of more. they are made by the same company as bumGenius. i got a couple flip covers, and then found out about econobum, also by bumGenius. long story short, we LOVE econobum covers and prefolds! the trial pack and day pack are the most bang for your buck, and much less expensive than other systems!

now, we use the econobum and flip covers, with the econobum prefolds and bummis prefolds. we also have a few all-in-one bumGenius 4.0's for when others watch him (not that often). some are intimidated by the cloth diapering process, but i can testify that it isn't scary at all. michael may even be faster than me at changing amos! it works for our budget and i feel good about using these diapers on my baby's precious buns.

here are some accessories we love:
charlie's soap (liquid, gallon-size)
it makes everything smell so fresh, even poopy diapers!

bum bum balm by dimpleskins naturals
it really works wonders on a red tushy.

bottoms-up baby wipes kit
we love these! however, we don't use the "dirty container" for dirty wipes. we put them in the wet bag along with the dirty diapers and use the container for some clean cloth wipes that my mom made. when we run out of one container, the other is ready to go!

even if you don't live in the OKC area, do check out green bambino. they have a great getting started sheet. you can also "like" them on facebook and ask them any of your cloth diapering questions!


Loren said...

Yay for cloth diapering! I used gDiapers for Elliot, loved them!

Michelle said...

Ohhhh Amos is so precious! I can't wait to meet him! Thanks for the insider info on cloth diapers! I really enjoyed cruisng through the websites! Learning so much about cloth :D

Katie Shaw said...

What a chunk, yah-yah! I love him so freaking much. Love, love, love Charlie's soap, too.

leslie.conner said...

good to see you and your family yesterday! This information will be very useful for me... in a few years :)

Nessa said...

Hi... found you by searching for econobum in blogger. So glad I did. Your little man is so cute.

Thanks for the info.