reality + congrats

last thursday i drove myself and amos down to fort worth. we made pretty good time, although he cried for 45 minutes straight. he gets upset that we can't ride in the car seat with him and snuggle the whole time. on friday, we rode to big spring with mom and john for katie's graduation. amos slept most of the way, hallelujah. katie was chosen as student of the year, so she got to give one of the commencement speeches. she, of course, quoted ron burgundy (from anchorman) to the full auditorium : ) that's my sister. we're so proud of her and everything she's done in her time at howard college. she even started a recycling club (no one in west texas recycles) and became the president and secretary. katie moved back home and is going to the university of north texas this fall to finish a broadcast journalism degree.

after the graduation, i got food poisoning from something. my sweet brother took me back to the hotel while everyone else ate at a mexican restaurant and took care of amos. thankfully, he drank the bottle i had pumped. he doesn't always take a bottle very well (probably because we rarely give him one). john and katie headed back with all her stuff the next morning, and mom and i drove with amos. i was feeling much better and we took our time getting back. the rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing.

i was planning on going home later monday or tuesday. early monday morning, michael called me and said he was in an accident. it wasn't bad and he was okay, thank the lord. amos and i left shortly after he called, in case he needed the car to get to work. i was already lacking sleep so the drive didn't start off very well. during the 3 1/2 hour trip, we stopped four times and my little boy cried for over 2 hours of it. let's just say i'm never driving long distances by myself with an infant again! good thing he melts my heart and we love aunt katie! we made it home safely and we were glad daddy was alright.

what an adventure!

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