we slept in and snuggled, even though amos slept another five hour stretch last night. woo hoo!
put dinner in the crock pot: curried chicken.
went to the bank and the store to get milk.
rocked in the rocking chair. our favorite.
changed many diapers.
folded clean diapers.
and tonight...katelyn will come over for about half an hour until michael gets home. i have my postnatal pilates class! thank you, katelyn.

hope you had a wonderful mother's day! i won the "newest mom" award at church--they gave me a gift card to a local restaurant and a necklace made by women in africa. so sweet.

oh yes, and amos had his two month checkup yesterday. he weighs 15.6 pounds (not 15 and 6 oz. like i thought, even more!) and is 24 1/4 inches long! i need a "big & tall" baby store around here.

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