we're still here! our computer hasn't worked for the past two weeks, so...no posts. check out our big boy!
he's almost 3 months.
talking and smiling.
wearing 12 month clothes.
weighs over 17 lbs.
chewing on his hand all day. (and then gagging on it : )
still has old man hair. and it's very blonde!
starting to consciously grab things.
and melting our hearts, of course.


lauren said...

mygoodness he's precious, erin. mom told me i weighed 19 lbs. at a year. it's amazing he came out of you! (:

summer said...

ahhh! i can see YOU in that face, erin! he is adorable. so glad you're back!

leslie.conner said...

He is so dang cute! Love that big smile!