holiday weekend

we had a fun 4th of july weekend! my mom came up for amos' baby dedication at church. it was so exciting, and such a privilege to stand before our church and acknowledge these truths:
1. my child is a gift and blessing from God, an expression of His sovereign and gracious mercy to you.

2. my child was shaped in the womb by the hand of our great and glorious Creator, who is Himself the sovereign Lord over both life and death.
3. i will raise my child in a home filled with love and peace and pray fervently for his conversion. i will, with the help of God and the provision of His grace raise my child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
4. i commit and consecrate my child unto the Lord, for His service and for His eternal glory.

amos was content to chew on his hand the whole time : ) it was hard to get a good picture of us, but they took a family photo after the dedication. i'm excited to see it.

mom and i made some awesome muffins. i'll share the recipe later this week!

4th of july lunch was amazing. burgers on onion pocket buns, pasta salad with peppers and pine nuts, watermelon, and sarah's watermelonade. mmm...

amos stayed up way past his bedtime last night. i think he wanted to see the fireworks. we were able to see the big edmond fireworks show from our street, so we went out at 10 and watched with amos. he LOVED them.

hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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leslie.conner said...

sounds like a lovely weekend with your fam! and that drink sounds yummy!