one turkey

my mom has taught me the craft of frugality. i think it's exhilarating to get a great deal and make a dollar stretch far more than it should. while she was in town we found a turkey on sale at target for $6! a good thanksgiving-sized turkey (i should have noted the pounds). out of this one turkey i made about six meals plus sandwiches, and turkey broth (enough for several recipes), including these turkey enchiladas. what do you do for fun?!


leslie.conner said...

impressive! I'm so bad at finding deals. Or I'll find a deal and its on something I don't use :( And yes- since Thursday is my last day at wcdc i'll have a more free schedule to hang out (except when I'm in Ponca doing camp- but you'll be in colorado!)
have a nice week!

Tracy Genheimer said...

This is amazing!