i'm starting to realize how much money we'll save by skipping out on most baby toys. do i think toys will spoil amos? no. i buy them and then he wants to play with things we already have. such as...a clothes basket. my cell phone (i found an old one to give him instead). remotes. the empty bum bum balm container. water bottles. and as i'm typing this he just opened the printer. i'll have to draw the line there.

he does love his sophie the giraffe and a few other toys. some of my favorite memories as a kid are of building forts out of cardboard boxes and blankets, playing hide-and-seek, climbing trees etc. but, i also remember playing barbies for hours until i got so sleepy i had to stop. i hope amos continues to be inventive during playtime!


leslie.conner said...

cute picture :) he always looks so HAPPY!

Elizabeth Rose said...

when I was little I used to play with old wine corks my parents saved up. I really think a pan and a spoon to bang it with = a happy baby!