days of thanks

1. for my sweet baby boy who brings me SO much joy and makes my heart swell. there's no feeling like this. he is perfect. i can't believe god knit him together in my womb. that still blows my mind.
2. for my loving husband. he is gracious and patient. very patient. i'm thankful for his hard work to provide for our little family.
3. for our new house. even though i'm having a hard time adjusting to change, i'm grateful for a place to call home.
4. for my family. we wouldn't make it without them. i'm so grateful for their selflessness.
5. that the loose pit bull didn't eat me and amos on our walk the other day, and for the kind stranger who led him away from us and called animal control. scariest moment of my life. thank you god for protecting us.
6. for delicious food and the passion to cook. there is a little farmer's market by our house and i love going several times a week to get fresh fruits and veggies for our meals. and amos loves riding in the little cart!
7. for my best friend, lauren. she's sweeter than peach cobbler and pretty as can be. she makes me want to be a better person. amos loves his aunt lauren.


leslie.conner said...

so sweet and touching! I need to start writing down something I am thankful for every day... and not just during November- I think it would probably make me a happier person!

lauren said...

oh erin.. thank you :) i don't know what i'd do without you