feeling productive

1. made these awesome coconut flour blueberry muffins today and enjoyed them with a homemade chai tonight.
2. my dilly carrot sticks are fermenting on the counter (got to use some leftover whey from michael's skyr).
3. my chicken stock has been simmering for hours.
4. amos' hands are stained purple from eating blueberries : )
5. made rosemary garlic pork tenderloin with a muscadine jelly apple sauce, with roasted potatoes and carrots for dinner.
6. washed and folded diapers.
7. took my sweet boy on a walk.
8. found this. how good does that look!? seems like science...i'll have to get michael to make it for me!

amos loved watching me run around the kitchen today. i gave him a big carrot to play with and he was content in his highchair. score.

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leslie.conner said...

Quite the cook! And that chocolate mousse looks delish.