new year

wowza! it's been a long time! hope you had a wonderful holiday season. this has been one eventful year, to say the least. michael and i reflected on the year with a questionnaire, and my phrase that describes 2011 would be, "the Lord is good to His children." it's undeniable. i am overwhelmed when i think about all the ways He takes care of me and continues to pour His love on me day after day. we are in a new season of hope. 2012 is going to be good. do you have any resolutions? i don't have any definitive goals yet. i'm continually researching health and nutrition for our family, so i'll pursue that. i might start running. weird, since i despise running. i'd rather dance my heart out forever. we'll see about the running thing. glad to be back here!

"After all, he's not a tame lion." "No... but he is good." -chronicles of narnia

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leslie.conner said...

I do love the chronicles of narnia...
happy new year!