want to know why this tuesday was so awesome?

1. amos and i got to sleep in.
2. we went to a MOPS meeting. someone at our table asked what i did. i said, "i'm a stay-at-home-mom and a dancer," (because it's at the core of who i am). one of the ladies turned to her older mother and said, "see, i told you!" how she knew, i'm not sure. but it was an awesome feeling.
3. amos and i went to our new chiropractor and talked/got adjusted. she reaffirmed our efforts to help amos sleep in his crib without any crying. and he definitely charmed her with his big blue eyes and sweet dimples.
4. i got to go to a kari jobe concert with my best friend and praise the lord!

you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. -jeremiah 29:13

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leslie.conner said...

have you taken any dance classes lately? I'm sorry we didn't get to go to one over the winter break (I thought it'd be less busy)... but we'll get around to it!! Let me know if you find a good place! Need to see you soon!