truth: i've been busy. and that's a great thing! i've already told you about my hard time adjusting to change. moving to texas was harder than i thought it would be. it is so wonderful to be near my family, but we had to leave our stable, comfortable life in oklahoma. it felt like the lord just pulled the rug out from under us. we weren't ready. it wasn't on our terms. and it's probably just what we needed. slowly, but surely i'm opening up to my purpose here. i've met lots of friends. i go to mom's groups with strangers. and i'm not shy about it. i feel like i'm shouting, "here i am, texas! i'm a mom. i'm a daughter of the lord. hear me roar!" and it feels good. i help lead a "worship workout" once a week at a church we've been involved in. i go to the chiropractor. the people at the farmers market know my name (amos' mom) and give me free local milk. i have hope.

unfortunately, it hasn't been this easy for michael. for the first part of his job here he was on the road, a lot. he works all day to provide for us and doesn't get to go on play dates with amos, nor does he go to "dad groups," (if those even exist). almost every night before we go to sleep we both echo how much we miss oklahoma. our church, house church, friends, our starbucks, our favorite restaurants, my cloth diaper store, etc. we are open to going back, but ultimately whatever the lord has in store for us. we pray that we will be content where we are. today we are in texas and there are plenty of people to bless here.

"therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. each day has enough trouble of its own." -matthew 6.34


leslie.conner said...

Being content with TODAY is definitely a hard thing for Austin and I right now too. Especially when things aren't ideal or as they were expected or hoped to be. My thoughts are most certainly with you, Michael, and Amos! You guys are a wonderful family and I hope many wonderful things come your way.

Gina said...

I'm thankful for your sweet tender spirit and stepping out there without being shy! Good for you! Mommies need other mommies!! Praying for you sweet friend.

lauren said...

erin, i love your honesty. i know what it's like to ache to be somewhere else...i also know that God's plans and timing are perfect. your lives touch others each day for the kingdom and texas is blessed to have you right now.