An Anniversary Date

What?! We've been married for four years!? That makes me feel so grown up. My handsome husband took me on a date (sans baby) last night to the Kimbell to see the Impressionist exhibit. Then we got sushi for dinner, and made our way to our favorite coffee shop in Ft. Worth for "dessert" (see my post here for explanation.). We sat next to a couple with a six-week-old baby boy at the coffee shop and swooned over his tiny little hands and sweet cheeks. They were kind enough to let us stare at him, as weird as that may be, as we reminisced about how our "big" boy used to be that tiny and curl up in a ball on our chest. We've been through so many changes in four years, but Amos has been the best change of them all. 

We made one pretty awesome baby. Cheers to four years!


lauren said...

you look beautiful! what a fun date! thanks for documenting it for us :)

leslie.conner said...

Happy four years! Sounds like a fun date night! I'll have to check out that coffee shop - we were just in fort worth last night!