It's June!

It seems like the last three months have flown by! Since Amos turned one...

We've had visits from family.

We celebrated a 90th birthday and a family reunion in Oklahoma.  

We've gone to the park, a lot. Amos likes to climb to the top of the playground and attempt sliding on his own. 

We brewed kombucha. More to come...

We attended my mom's graduation. She has a Master of Education in School Counseling degree now, and a new job as a school counselor! We are super proud.

My brother gave me a sweet bike trailer for Mother's Day! Amos loves to go on rides, especially to the pool. 

Speaking of the pool, Amos starts swimming lessons today. He is such a fish, and has absolutely no fear of bobbing his head down in the water!

Michael and I cut out sugar and all natural sweeteners for a week. Read why here. And check back on The Baraza this Thursday for my follow-up. 

I had the most amazing coconut cream white tea on our anniversary date. No cream or sugar in it, but it was heavenly. I'm still trying to figure out how it tasted that "creamy." I bought a similar one at Central Market. I'm hoping it's close! 

My yoga class started up again and I'm loving it. 


Linda said...

You are my hero!!!

leslie.conner said...

Awesome June! Amos is in swimming lessons!? So fun! You guys will have to come over and swim with us sometime - I'll have to see his fancy skills :)